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About our rings

"Nicerings" rings

Premium anodized aluminium rings made without soldering. In 4 sizes and 23 colours.

Small size: Outer diameter 2.5'' (64 mm), inner diameter 2'' (52 mm). Thickness: 0,24'' (6 mm)

Medium size: Outer diameter 3'' (76 mm), inner diameter 2.5'' (64 mm). Thickness: 0,24'' (6 mm)

Large size: Outer diameter 3.5'' (8,8 cm), inner diameter 3'' (7,6 cm). Thickness: 0,24'' (6 mm)

Extra large size: Outer diameter 4'' (10 cm), inner diameter 3.5'' (8,8 cm). Thickness: 0,24'' (6 mm)

Bearing capacity and tensile strenght:

Bearing capacity: 40 kilograms
Our rings have tensile strenght of 706 kilograms and they suffer deformation which endangers safe usage at 86 kilograms.
The rings were tested by Atestor Kft. at Széchenyi István University Department of Material Sience and Technology Polymer Technology Laboratory.

Link to the tensile strenght test

Link to the deformation test

Extra large size's to the deformation and tensile test

Chemical safety:

Our rings were tested for toxins and heavy metals. They were tested for the presence of lead, cadmium, chrome and mercury. They satify the security standard.
The testing made by the Swiss SGS Institute. In the testing they they were used IEC 62321 protocol.

Chemical Safety tests: