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Sewing advices


How long ring sling do I need?

Shoulder to Mid-hip (Diagonally) + preferred ring sling tail. (10-35 cm / 4 "- 14")
Usualy their lenght is between 60'' and 80'' (150-200 cm).

(2 x  A) + B     * see the picture


Sewing ring slings:

Although sewing a ring sling isn't too complicated, there are few thing to pay attention:

The ring slings are recomended to made from babycarrying wraps. An article about the usable fabric types:

Thre are different types of shoulder types. You can read about them here:

Be carrefull when you choose the thread and the needle, and for safety sewing. Before cutting pay attention to that you need 3.5''-7'' (10-20) cm longer fabric than your ring sling's final lenght.

Here is a great video about sewing:

Hungarian tutorial with pictures: